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Best Cold Coffeehouse Beverages?

With this summer’s record heat, I thought I’d put up a post to get people’s thoughts on the very BEST COLD drinks at Denver coffee shops. Best iced coffee? Best shake? Post your opinions!!! Add your reviews below!Mile High Buzz Denver’s Coffeehouse Blog (About this site)Hours and Locations Spreadsheet | Map | Coffee Event Calendar [...]

The MileHighBuzz.com Favorites List

My list of “standout” drinks at Denver coffeehouses:Agree? Disagree? Post below! A cup of good health… Caffe Sanora Antioxidant rich, organic… this is where I buy my coffee to make at the office. Another favorite at the same place is now their Blended Vanilla Chai… Cold. Refreshing. Unique. Yum! Cappuccino and just about any other [...]

You have GOT to try this drink…

Blended Vanilla Chai at Caffe Sanora. I have posted some of my favorite drinks around town (see post here) and I am definitely adding this one to the list. It is AMAZING. Just try it, especially if you like frozen blended drinks. While the summer is winding down, we still have some warm days (like [...]

The best Summer Coffeehouse drinks in Denver?

Please post below with your take on the best summer coffeehouse drinks in Denver. (EDIT: I’ll get things started by inserting some recent drinks I’ve had. Please add with your comments, and I’ll edit them into this post): – Best Blended Espresso Drink? “For my moolah, it’s Hooked on Colfax hands-down. They make a kick-ass [...]

The big list of Denver Coffeehouse Awards

At the risk of making someone upset for missing an award or two, this post is an attempt to catalogue awards related to Denver Coffeeshops. Please let me know what I am missing (ideally with a link) and I will add it as they are posted: 2007 Denver’s 7 A-List Coffee Shop: 1. Curious Coffee [...]

Unique and “Best of” Drinks?

My list of “standout” drinksat Denver coffeehouses:Agree? Disagree? Post below! Chocolate Chai… Satchel’s Market This is a unique, can’t miss drink. You’ll be addicted Blended Vanilla Chai… Caffe Sanora. Cold. Refreshing. Unique. Yum! Cappuccino at Aviano They know how it’s done… EDIT: Looks like City O City is going to give Aviano a fun for [...]

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