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Emily’s Coffee – Great Espresso. Great Cause.

Emily’s Coffee
1261 Glenarm Place
Denver, CO 80204

Great Espresso. Great Cause

One of the coolest coffee shops in Denver serves more than great espresso.  Emily’s Coffee serves as a refugee job-training program.  On any given day, you could interact with someone from Bhutan, Somalia, Burma, Iraq or many other countries.  They serve local Kaladi Brothers roast and use La Marzocco.  They pull a mean espresso.  In fact, it’s the best espresso in downtown Denver. They’re pastries are also baked on site so they’re nice and fresh.


Site updates!

I finally made some updates that have been in the works for some time!

  1. Switched from Blogger to WordPress, which is a significant adjustment and will allow for many more features.
  2. All comments are now in reverse order, which means the newest comments will show up first.
  3. Yelp reviews will now be added for coffeehouses that are added to the site, and I will be going back and adding the Yelp box to listings already on the site.

Let me know what other suggestions you have!

Interactive Coffee Map

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Coffee, marketing, and the power of Twitter

Sitting at Perk Hill and thought I’d share this post I just read about the use of Twitter for marketing as it relates to my last couple posts. The example is a how a coffeehouse effectively used Twitter.

Read on: Coffee, marketing, and the power of Twitter

Quick guide to using location based social media

Are you using mobile, location based social media? Is your favorite coffeehouse on Twitter, FourSquare, Facebook Places, Gowalla or others? Estimates on how many people are using these services vary, but no one disputes that the numbers are rising fast. Google has over 500 million users. FourSquare has over  1,000,000 users and that number is climbing fast! Google is obviously the giant, and as these companies
introduce more of this functionality, this concept is likely to be adopted by the masses.

Facebook’s recent addition of “Places” and “Deals” is likely to make location based social networking even more mainstream, especially now that it is offered on almost all smartphones (they introduced Blackberry
functionality last week).

How does this affect you as a consumer or a business owner? Whichever group you fall into, you should get in the game now! GAP recently gave away 10,000 pairs of jeans to people checking in on Facebook Places, and there are new specials popping up everywhere!

As a business, be sure you “claim” your business. There are numerous places where you can do this, but I would suggest you start with three:

1) Facebook Places. See instructions here: Once you claim your place, you can start to offer deals (see the example on a previous post).
2) Google Local: Your business likely shows up on google local searches, regardless of whether you have ever claimed it. If you ‘claim’ your business, it will allow you to add hours, photos and other information. This is a very easy way to increase your search engine optimization.
Google is also currently offering free promotional listings for businesses, where you can add a coupon for free (Google just introduced a new “yelp-like” service yesterday, so it appears they are looking to get in this game in a big way).
3) FourSquare. See this link to claim your business on FourSquare and find out how to post deals such as a free coffee for every 10th check-in:

You may not see immediate returns on this, but I believe that localized social media is going to continue to grow very quickly, and each of the above steps is FREE. Remember that it takes more than just setting up a twitter account or a Facebook page. You need to ask the most important question, that is “Why should someone “follow,” “like,” or “check in?” Is it the deals you are offering? Is it simply to allow them to be a integral part of the community you are creating? You need to ensure you don’t fall into the “if you build it they will come” trap. Make it engaging. Make it personal. Keep your content fresh.

Good luck, and please post to the blog if you or your favorite java joint are offering specials using any of these applications:

This is obviously just a quick synopsis of this topic. Please post your additional thoughts and opinions below!

Coffee Houses Using Location Based Social Media?

Does your favorite Denver Coffee House use location based social media yet?

Facebook Places is a relatively new feature that allows users to “check in” using their phone, and many businesses are now offering “Facebook Deals” for anyone who checks in. The same goes for FourSquare and several other location based social media applications.

Businesses can “claim” their listings on Facebook Places and FourSquare and offer specials such as a discount on coffee, or perks for regular customers.

Post below if you know of any coffeehouses in Denver offering deals!

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What is your favorite Coffeehouse Breakfast?

Breakfast Bagel at Caffe Sanora

This morning, I had an amazing breakfast bagel at Caffe Sanora. It’s a breakfast bagel with scrambled eggs, roasted peppers, sun dried tomatos, scallions, bacon and cheese. WOW… Also on the menu this morning is the same dish served on homemade olive oil bread. The roasted peppers make it an great dish!

I thought I’d throw a post out there and see if we can identify some other great Denver coffeehouse breakfast items… post your favorites below!

Incredible smoothies? Pastries to die for? What’s your favorite Denver Coffeehouse breakfast item?

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Coda Coffee

Coda Coffee, LLC
1751 East 58th Avenue

Denver, CO 80216
(877) 234-2632

I ran the Denver Rock ‘n’ Roll Marathon on Sunday morning, and 6am, the Coda Coffee tent was a great sight, even though I had to wait until after the race to have any. I thought I’d finally get around to adding them to the blog. Coda is a local coffee roaster that supplies businesses, homes and retail establishments around Colorado and nationwide.

It’s a great tasting coffee, and it’s local!

What do you think of Coda? Post your reviews below.

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What are your favorite Fall Drinks?

It’s that time of the year again! The temps are dropping and the leaves are starting to Fall, and there is nothing like sipping your favorite warm beverage.

What is your “warm up” Fall drink of choice?

I am very partial to the Horchatte (Horchada Latte) at Taza De Caffe in the Highlands…

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