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House of Aromas | Iowa City

House of Aromas
118 S. Clinton St
Iowa City, IA

Spending some time in Iowa City this week and will likely make it to a few coffee shops during my trip. House of Aromas is a very nice and spacious coffeehouse with some good sandwiches and food.

I just had a sandwich and some excellent tomato bisque soup. I didn’t try any of their wide range of espresso based drinks, opting instead for their “black eye”, which is 2 shots of espresso in their drip coffee. Since I do need to sleep at some point during my trip here, I didn’t opt for their “Red Eye,” which is SIX SHOTS of espresso, condensed milk, and a choice of flavors. Probably a good option for the many students here pulling late study nights.

They also have a variety of teas, smoothies and bubble tea. Plenty of comfortable seating, and of course, free wifi.

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