MileHighBuzz: IA (Cedar Rapids) Coffee Talk Cafe

Cedar Rapids, IA – Coffee Talk Cafe

Coffee Talk Cafe
Cedar Rapids, IA
37 Kirkwood Ct Sw, Cedar Rapids, IA 52404
See it on the BUZZ Map

So… Iowa is a LONG shout from Denver, but I thought I’d put Coffee Talk Cafe up on the site since I spent a good amount time there for work when I was there on business recently.

They have very friendly service, good food, free WiFi & excellent coffee (I spoke w/the owner and they tried out over 60+? different roasters before deciding on who should supply their coffee)… I think more coffeehouses should take this into careful consideration. Here in Denver, I’m actually surprised that more coffeehouses don’t take advantage of the in-area roasters, some of whom produce some great coffee.

Anyway, if you happen to be in Cedar Rapids, don’t miss Coffee Talk Cafe :-)

As I travel, I’m going to start adding out of town spots to the map… so if you go to the map and zoom WAY OUT… you’ll see some other spots around the US including this one.

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