MileHighBuzz: Blueberry’s Cafe

Blueberry’s Cafe | Littleton, CO

Blueberry’s Bakery and Cafe

(303) 798-7117
1500 W Littleton Blvd
Littleton, CO 80120

I don’t make it out of the metro area that often to check out new coffee spots, but was south of town today and had seen Blueberry’s Cafe & Bakery suggested on the blog just the other day.

Unfortunately, I didn’t bring my cameraphone today. This spot is a cafe with a very nice coffeehouse/hangout vibe, including a lot of bar space, a couple couches, a conference table and patio seating outside.

There is free WiFi. Blueberry’s is located in a strip mall, next to a large Saver’s at the intersection of Littleton and Windemere.

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