MileHighBuzz: City O’City

City O’City | 13th and Sherman

City O’ City (former location of WaterCourse)
206 E 13th Ave
Denver, Colorado 80203
(13th and Sherman)

City O’ City is a coffeehouse and bar, with late hours (I think the sigh said they are open until 2am every day) and serving vegetarian and vegan pizza.

I dropped in this morning and had a great Cappuccino! Possibly the best one I’ve had yet in Denver!! I also tried a blueberry lemon scone, which was excellent. City O’ City has the same owners as the relocated WaterCourse Foods Bakery, so their baked goods are great. I also tried their espresso, which is an exclusive blend from DazBog, and it was quite good.

For those who are interested, there is currently no WiFi.

“…an Ode, a Lament…”City, O’City” is open for business. The much anticipated coffee house on Cap’Hill is here at last. They are serving up DazBog coffee, a special blend: Caspian that has to be experience. The wonderful house made pastries from the Watercourse bakery are featured. Organic pizza is served up with a beer for lunch or a late night snack with friends. They are open until 2am! That’s right 2am, none of the usual puritan Denver 11 o’clock blues.You got to check the re-furbished space out! Great art, as usual. Fabulous people and beautiful food. O’City you make me content.206 E. 13th Ave, 303-831-6443, On the Hill, where else?”

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