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Waterloo Coffee on Broadway


Waterloo Coffee
218 S. Broadway
720 565-9007
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Waterloo Coffee, “Serving coffee, crepes, salads, sandwiches & Royalty,” opened in December of 05, and is a nice little spot on South Broadway. It has several small tables and a decent selection of pastries etc, but the really distinctive feature is the great selection of food items including genuine french crepes and sandwiches. (I tried the Fromage-Jambon – with Goat cheese, ham & mushrooms… it was tremendous!) The owner learned his craft of crepe making over in France and has brought the genuine article here.

From the back of their menu, here is “The Legend of Waterloo Coffee”

Legend has it that in 1815 after suffering his greatest defeat in battle to
the English at Waterloo, The Empororer Napoleon Bonaparte turned to his
traveling barrister and proclaimed, “I must have coffee before I face the day
ahead of me!” (Of course he said it in French and it sounds much fancier that

That cup of coffee that helped an Emporer back to his feet to face the long
day ahead can now be found at Waterloo Coffee. Surround yourself in a
casual modern French atmosphere complete with coffee, espresso, cafe latte,
paistries, crepes, salades, sandwiches and good conversation (in English of

They have live music and will be opening up a garden patio soon.
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