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Free coffee. Every Day. No joke. Check out Detours Coffee

Does every storefront on Colfax have to turn into a “green” operation?

Suffice it to say, Detours is no longer in operation. It is now a grow supply store.

They had a neat concept but they are now the latest addition to the Coffee Cemetery.

Since the first time I profiled Detours Coffee in Denver

, they have been busy! First of all, they have added tons of food items to a great and very inexpensive menu. Second, and most notably is that their coffee is now FREE (CoFREE). I am currently enjoying a $2.00 chorizo breakfast burrito and sipping on some of their coffee (iMack is their roaster).

The free coffee a “pay it forward” philosophy that they say is working, with people choosing to enjoy their free coffee and then do something for others. Pretty cool concept. It’s also getting them some attention, and they have been featured on CNN and numerous regional and local media outlets.

Did I mention the coffee is free?

Detours Coffee Shop
7540 E Colfax Denver, CO

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