Geez Louise Coffee

Geez Louise Coffee 

4924 E. Colfax at Elm Street
Denver, CO

Monday – Friday: 6:00am – 5:00pm
Saturday & Sunday: 7:00am – 4:00pm

Geez Louise Coffee is located across the street from The Elm and Senoritas.

Geez Louise serves Kaladi Bros organic coffee and organic loose leaf teas (The Tea Spot) along with a home cooked menu including:

  • Sandwiches & paninis
  • Blueberry pancakes
  • Grilled cheese
  • French toast
  • Oatmeal
  • Whole fruit smoothies
There is a nice mix of seating, from the living room type setup toward the front to the tables, counter and bar areas, it’s a good use of space that is conducive to hanging out with friends, or just parking to read the paper or work on the laptop (there is free WiFi)
Behind the shop, there is a nice hidden backyard patio:

18 Responses to “Geez Louise Coffee”

  1. Anonymous

    I love Louise and I love the shop. I walk over and get my caffeine fix and am always tempeted to nibble on some tastey delight. Greate work. Love the changing art. Somethig new to look at. excellent business for all types. Jenn thank you!

  2. LOVE the place… I went in looking for work (just moved to Aurora), met Dan who is a great guy I must add, and we got into a nice conversation. Great well rounded selection, great food, smoothies, lots a flavors for you exotic, sweet latte folks, but what takes the cake is the espresso!!! Dan poured me off a double yesterday and I was blown away! Bold, strong, NOT bitter, and WOW you never have tasted anything rounder… Great to have close to my house!

  3. Loren Horne

    This place has the BEST CHAI I've ever had! More spicey and less sweet. I'm hooked.

  4. Jeremy Cox

    I just got a new apartment!

    I looked by Geez Louise on purpose so I’d be closer to my favorite coffee place!

    …and I got bigger closets!

    Another good day; happy and buzzin’

  5. John T.

    Really fun place! GREAT PRICES! Organic coffee! Louise cracks me up!

    I’m hooked! And I never got yelled at for being online for a few hours!

    Am I dead? Did I go to Heaven?

  6. Anonymous

    Geez is a nice cozy little place. It is awesome to see a new business on East Colfax that is not a head shop or a used car lot that is obviously a front for drug dealing and tax evasion. Too bad there isn’t any parking. It is small, with free Wi-Fi. Very friendly staff. Excellent Cafe Americano. Support your local Denver independently owned coffee shack. The louise doll is great schtick!

  7. Anonymous

    I visited Geez Louise the other day and enjoyed it a lot. Good environment…loungy and relaxed. I had a sandwich which was excellent, and a cappuccino also very good. I would definately recommend going to visit this place, and considering the location and that I live in Golden, that is a big statement.

  8. Simon

    The NEW Louise is beautiful! Great job guys, glad to see the tradition lives on!

    I was there at the unveiling and had a great time.


  9. Lilith Silvermane

    I have yet to make it to the coffee house, however we have been to the website, and see it all the time when we are in the area.

    I just read online that Louise was stolen today!! How horrible! Yes.. karma is coming for whomever stole her!

    Hopefully she will be brought back with a full new do and a beautiful new outfit….

    … Barbarians!!!


  10. c.d.

    I can’t believe someone stole Louise! It is a really low, mean-spirited thing to do…

    …do you think it was a competitor upset at your success?

    She will be missed greatly. I hope you can find another icon for that corner on Colfax!


  11. Some idiot stole Louise yesterday.

  12. Gwen Leonard

    I love this place! Great atmosphere, great coffee, great food!

    I brought my mom there (who never likes anywhere I take her) and she asked if we could go back once more before she left!

    The mannequin in front cracks me up!

  13. Terry

    Bill made me one me of his proclaimed “famous” chicken salad sandwiches…now I go there at LEAST once a week for lunch!

    Thanks a lot BILL! :)


    PS glad to see an independant making it on Colfax!

  14. so great to see that there’s finally a really solid indy coffee shop in the Mayfair/Park Hill ‘hood. Please support these guys – the coffee (and the shop it is served in) rocks!

  15. Anonymous

    great owners and great place! luv you guys! G~

  16. Cindi

    Wow. Even the bathroom is cool!

  17. It is always nice to see what is happening in other parts of the country. I own a coffeehouse too. My coffeehouse is in clinton wa. If you ever make it up this way I would love to meet ya. In the meantime check out my site at
    thanks for letting me visit. Rene

  18. Daaaang! She is one hot mamma! Does she come there often?!?

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