Site updates!

I finally made some updates that have been in the works for some time!

  1. Switched from Blogger to WordPress, which is a significant adjustment and will allow for many more features.
  2. All comments are now in reverse order, which means the newest comments will show up first.
  3. Yelp reviews will now be added for coffeehouses that are added to the site, and I will be going back and adding the Yelp box to listings already on the site.

Let me know what other suggestions you have!

2 Responses to “Site updates!”

  1. I don’t know how to add my coffee shop. We just opened three months ago and are in the same building in NW Denver as the Denver Puppet Theater.

    We have soups, sandwiches and other goodies.

    We are open long hours and have free wi fi.

    We also have a huge courtyard outside with a fountain and garden that will be most wonderful when the weather warms up.

    Let me know how I can be included on this site, Please,


    Dave Zook

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