Coffee, marketing, and the power of Twitter

Sitting at Perk Hill and thought I’d share this post I just read about the use of Twitter for marketing as it relates to my last couple posts. The example is a how a coffeehouse effectively used Twitter.

Read on: Coffee, marketing, and the power of Twitter

4 Responses to “Coffee, marketing, and the power of Twitter”

  1. Believe me!!! I have been trying hard to write articles for my college magazine, but haven’t been very successful in my endeavor. But, after reading your article I wish to study more on the same subject and give out my best.

  2. Twitter is a perfect medium for marketing messages — short, quick, to the point and potentially reaching a ton of people. I bet that coffee shop gets more business out of the video and this blog post than it did out of the Tweet, though.

  3. Love to twitter while drinking some Coffee.

  4. Ya twitter is very good one for marketing

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